Watch and Pray

God is Love

God is sitting on His Throne
Tears are streaming down His face
For lack of knowledge My People shall die
How come you Believers are so shy?

I gave My Beloved Son that you may live
Live a life of Peace & Happiness
on Earth as in Heaven
Shout it to the World,
let them see, let them hear
I am a God of Love, I care,
Your prayers I hear

Make Jesus Christ your way of Life
He longs to hold you, love you, heal you
He is the One who came back
and is now alive

When I'm Your God, Your First Love
Then You'll do My will,
then you'll know True Love
Have Peace and Happiness
all the days of your Lives
As I love you always,
even to the End of the Times

By Monique
My Very First God inspired Poem


Watch and Pray