Watch and Pray


Miracles happen every single Day
The Lord touches our Lives
in a Special Way
With Angels at His Command
Night and Day
He brings His Chosen ones back to
His narrow Way

A way that is narrow only through
this World's View
With People so blind who cannot see
The greatest Blessings await them
from His High View
Just Believe in Miracles one cannot see

Only Believe with all your Heart
With your Eyes fixed on the Star in the Sky
The Mountain will fall into the Sea
The Miracles will happen
right before your Eye

Not by Might nor by Power
But by My Spirit says the Lord Almighty
For when you are weak, He'll make you strong from Heaven
Therefor, no Mountain, however high,
can stand, says Zechariah 4:7

The People of this World say:
"Seeing is Believing"
But God in Heaven says:
"Believing is Seeing"

By Monique
Inspired by God: 12-8-1996

There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everthing is a miracle.
-- Albert Einstein


Watch and Pray