Watch and Pray

The New Millennium

The New Millenium at Hand
The LORD GOD praised in all the Land
In White Robes His Priests walk
around the Wall
Nothing makes the New Jerusalem fall

A Nation Chosen by the Lord God
The God of Father Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
To be a Light unto all the Nations
A King shall sit on the Throne of David
from then on and forevermore
No end to the Increase of His Government
and of Peace to establish it
with Justice and Righteousness
The Zeal of the Lord will accomplish this
A New Beginning for all of Mankind
The God of Israel is patient and kind
To Love your Lord God with all your mind
with All your Heart and with all your Soul
is His Eternal Goal

God brought Heaven down to Earth
for our Transgressions He was pierced
O Israel - Mourn for God's Only Son
Put all your Burdens on Him - you'll win
Enter the New Kingdom right here on Earth

Jerusalem the Holy City Chosen from Birth
And all shall say: "Blessed is he
Who comes in the Name of the LORD"
Psalm 118:26 / Matthew 23:39
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts
The Whole Earth is full of His Glory
As separated Lovers long to be reunited
So the Church longs to see her Bridegroom

By Monique
Inspired by God


Watch and Pray