Watch and Pray

O My Rebellious Son

O My Rebellious Son
Come back to Me again
I will heal you from your Pain
Only by trusting in Me will you gain

The Road has been hard and long
Your Faith  tested almost beyond
Every step of the Way I was with you
Even when you thought I had gone away

You searched for My sense of Humor
It seemed I had forgotten you as they Rumor
Nothing could be further from the Truth
I long to hold you, love you, heal you
Return to Me - Only that is the Truth

My Life I gave for you
My Blood washed away your Sins
To accept My Sacrifice you must Believe
Accept this White Robe and trust in Me

Fully forgiven, live in Victory
By the Power of My precious Blood
Enter the Kingdom of Heaven above
You are My Son - My Chosen One
My Firstborn and Only Son
My Father in Heaven  & you are One

By Monique
Inspired by God

Return of the Prodigal Son (Rembrandt)


Watch and Pray