Watch and Pray

I give you a Second Chance

You wandered away from your Roots
You thought I didn't give a Hoot
Idol worship under
every green Tree on the Hill
False Gods to lead you astray into Sin

My Law trampeled under Foot
My Shepherd kicked
with the Roman Boot 
His precious Blood 
He shed once and for All
Obedient unto Death
to prevent Mankind's Fall

Don't Trample under Foot
the Precious  SON  OF  GOD
Believe in Him and live
Or else you are deserving of My Rod
Without the Shedding of Blood
There is no Forgiveness of Sin
The Blood  of the
Sinless Passover Lamb of God
The NEW Covenant is clean
- Jeremiah 31:31-34

Don't insult the Spirit of Grace
Open your Eyes & receive your Sight
I narrowed it down to TEN
On two Tablets of Stone on Mount Sinai
I wrote them down with My Pen
The Writing again is on the Wall
to prevent Mankind's Fall
Divine Mercy is a Gift
from Heaven to All

Follow the  T E N  Commandments
They are written with My Pen
Love the Lord Your God with all
Your Heart, Mind, Soul & Strength
then Love one another is to be
your Commandment Number Eleven
Your Love & Trust is all I require
to fulfill Your Heart's desire

By Monique
Inspired by God 4/30/2000
7 AM - 1st Divine Mercy Sunday


Watch and Pray