Watch and Pray

Unconditional Love

God is looking through the Heavens
Straight into the depth of your Heart
Man looks at the outward Appearance
But God says:
"You are a Man after My own Heart"

God is looking through a Lover's patient Eye
He sees a Heart that wants to cry
Cry out to Him in loneliness and despair
But too afraid of more hurts and tear

Yet he wants it so desperately
That thing called "Love me Unconditionally"
He was even striving to be good for a while
But then gave up to the devil's delight
Did he then lose the fight?

Not in God's eyes.
God says: "Love never fails"
"Love him with My Love, My love prevails"
Unconditional Love looks at the heart
Deep down so tender a Heart
Unconditional Love is Patient and Kind
That is the Love God had in Mind
When He created all of Mankind
Love is Patient - Love is Kind

God loves you Unconditionally
His Arms are stretched out with Compassion
"Come to Me", He says,
"My Love is Heavenly"
"Then I'll fill your Heart with Passion"
"But first you have to come to Me"
"Because I love you Unconditionally"

By Monique
Inspired by God - 9-25-1996


Watch and Pray